In memory of Dawn Marie

Last webcam image uploaded 3am on July 16, 2002

Our beloved Dawn Marie has passed away, most likely due to a fatal seizure. Her family and friends gathered together on July 27th, 2002 to honor her memory and bid her farewell. She was a daughter and a friend, a witty writer and a silly show-off. She was (and is) loved by many and remembered by all.

Friends and fans of Dawn Marie have been posting memories and farewells at Dawn Marie's Fabulous Forum and in Dawn Marie's LiveJournal, as well as at many various personal livejournals and forums.

For those of you who would like to donate money to charity in Dawn Marie's memory, please make your donations to Boybutante AIDS Foundation's Annual Ball. Dawn Marie loved this event, and attended every year for at least the last five years.

Making Dawn Marie an official "sponsor" of this event would be a fitting memorial to her. Not only will we be doing a good deed by supporting this worthy charity, but we will also guarantee that Dawn Marie's name is listed on their website and on their promotional material.

And we all know how much Dawn Marie loved publicity. :-)

We need to make sure that all the donations made in her name get credited to her. Please send checks or money orders (not cash!) made out to Boybutante to the following address:

The Boybutante AIDS Foundation, Inc.
(Dawn Marie donation)
P. O. Box 6013
Athens, GA  30604-6013

Donations will be collected and given to the Boybutante board of directors in batches. Be sure your snail mail address is correct on your checks or on the envelope. Dawn Marie's mother wants to be sure to send thank-you notes to the folks that donate.

Webmasters Note (1/21/2008): The site is now back up after being away for a couple of years. The original person that was hosting Dawn's website could no longer do it and the site was MIA for a while. He kindly turned over the hosting to me but no longer had any of the files, as a result I had to build Dawn's site back from what little I had as well as what I could recover from the Internet Archives. I did get most of it back, the forum being the big exception, I have the last know capture of that index and a link to a new one, but the old one is lost sadly. Please feel free to post at the new one and I will be adding a separate page of pix/videos I had of Dawn in the not so distant future, if you would like to share some of your pix/videos/stories whatever of Dawn please feel free to email me at


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